Ideas recycled plastic bottles of Coca-Cola Company

Рекламная компания Coca-Cola.

What drink Coca-Cola - one of the most popular in the world - an indisputable fact. And the company is trying to establish the marketing of products, taking into account characteristics of the country, which is designed for a drink. For example, in third world countries usually comes Coke in plastic bottles, which is cheaper and more convenient, and more practical than the products in glass containers. Moreover, the company has tried to solve the problem of waste disposal and recycling of plastic bottles. This is what we will cover in this article.

Компания Coca-Cola и ее идеи вторичного использования пластиковых бутылок.

Крышка в форме кисточки.



Designers Coca-Cola offered its customers innovative 16 caps for plastic bottles that turn empties into: pencil sharpener, brush, spray water, desk lamp, dumbbells, soap dispenser, etc. The company plans to release the first such closures of 4000 in Vietnam. After this innovative solution will be implemented in all the remaining countries in Asia.

Светящиеся бутылки.

Бутылки для кетчупа.

Мыльные пузыри от Coca-Cola.

Компания Coca-Cola и идеи вторичного использования пластиковых бутылок.

I must admit that Coca-Cola Company has always distinguished originality advertising companies. Remember even tiny kiosks installed in the largest cities in Germany, designed to increase sales of Coke format "mini". Calculations were correct marketers. According to statistics, the implementation of the beverage in banks increased by 278 percent.