How does 3D-effect on the Amazon smartphone

Week and a half will introduce Amazon smartphone with a three-dimensional interface. TechCrunch found that it uses a system Okao Vision , developed by the Japanese company Omron. This system uses a gyroscope and an accelerometer sensor for determining the position of a smartphone and using four cameras tracks the movement of the user's head.

The development team of the Amazon has modified this system so that it shows a three-dimensional image on a conventional LCD-screen without glasses. System still has serious limitations - it is implemented only a few native applications and Amazon allows, for example, turn the pages of inclination of the head to the right or left. Okao Vision is also able to recognize faces and different people to define their gender, ethnicity and age, but it is unknown in the Amazon left this functionality or removed.

Installed on the smartphone Android modified version under the name FireOS, the same that is used in set-top box Fire TV .