Faster, easier, more beautiful: the new mobile operating system iOS 8

iOS 8 – новая операционная система от Apple

iOS 8 - the new operating system from Apple

Apple is not in a hurry to spoil their fans exit awaited iPhone mobile phone 6. Expected that his presentation will take place next fall. But officially been shown the new operating system for smartphones and tablets - iOS 8. And today we briefly describe what she represents.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive

The main claim to published last year, iOS 7 was her appearance that seemed "too cartoonish" and frivolous. The visual component of the operating system from Apple lost inherent previous products of mature style. The new version of the "apple" of the OS, this problem was partially solved. And although the icons remained predominantly the same, has been substantially redesigned their background clearance.

Работа с фотографиями в мобильной операционной системе iOS 8

Working with photos in the mobile operating system iOS 8

But the main thing in the new mobile operating system from Apple - it is not a visual component, and technical. The creators promise iOS 8 users hitherto unprecedented opportunities in both the private use, and in business.

Система передачи текстовых, голосовых и видео сообщений iMessage

Transmission system of text, voice and video messages iMessage

The system was more intuitive interface, it added many new features for working with images, both in terms of editing and conservation pictures on cloud services. However, service iCloud Drive will apply to all files in general, not just photos.

Почтовый клиент mail в операционной системе iOS 8

Postal mail client operating system iOS 8

The "Family Access" allow you to easily and quickly send and receive messages, pictures, files and calendar schedules with family and friends. A built-in application "Health" will be a personal fitness trainer for the user iPhone or iPad.

Клавиатура на смартфоне и планшете с iOS 8

The keyboard on the smartphone and tablet with iOS 8

The new system will be more easy to use and fast. iOS 8 will improve the interaction between the iPhone, iPad, iMac and other devices from Apple. For example, you can start to work with the file on one device and finish it on another.

Фотогалерея на смартфоне и планшете с iOS 8

Photos on your smartphone and tablet with iOS 8

Beta-version of iOS now available in eight third-party software developers involved in the iOS Developer Program. The rest of the users of smartphones and tablets from Apple will be able to install a new operating system on your device only in the fall.