Colorful food art: when the "eat" and "beautiful" - synonyms

Необычный фударт.

Fudart unusual.

For some, a piece of bread - an indispensable component lunch. For someone - forbidden nutritionists product. But there are people who are usually considered as a future masterpiece crust fudarta. On one of these artists will be discussed in our article today.



Фударт от Daryna Kossar.

Fudart from Daryna Kossar.

Вкусный логотип Фейсбука.

Delicious logo of Facebook.

Цитрусовые рыбки.

Citrus fish.

It is about a young and talented Daryna Kossar. Girl admits that he can not force myself to eat another bite, if she does not like the food externally. She can spend hours spread pattern of refined pieces, or turn an ordinary sandwich into the picture. The best pictures of their work and the artist puts in Instagram. Do Daryna Kossar already created their fans and followers.

Съедобный домик.

Edible house.

Цитрусовая сова.

Citrus owl.

Вкусный автомобиль от Daryna Kossar.

Tasty car from Daryna Kossar.

The artist herself does not believe that creating something great. But at the same time she likes to alter the usual dishes and uplift people, demonstrating the conversion of citrus in the charming owl silent fish or high-speed car.

Творчество Daryna Kossar.

Creativity Daryna Kossar.

Вкусно и красиво.

Delicious and beautiful.

Daryna Kossar.

Daryna Kossar.

I must admit that almost every woman strives to decorate your dish, especially if you need to feed her naughty child. For example, a housewife Samanta Lee periodically turns ordinary dish to heroes of fairy tales , so she wants to make food beautiful. On the other hand, these masterpieces is a pity there. But that's another story.