Hand Embroidery / Hemstitch Embroidery / Needlework

Women's Needlework in Russia has never disappeared: at all times Russian beauties woven lace , embroidered with beads and pearls, decorative pillows, and icons. The embroidery used gold and silver thread.
Today, much of the material available to us at the time, some of the techniques of needlework forgotten, but still a lot left and we can begin to fun hobby that will bring a truly original product. For example, openwork embroidery, with which to adorn themselves and stand out from the crowd in the best sense.

Openwork - an old way of embroidery, which was available to every woman. For it is not necessary to have a sewing machine, so this type of embroidery has always been popular in many European countries and in Russia. Hemstitch embroidered napkins, tablecloths, collars, scarves, shirts, male and female, and of course, dresses, skirts, blouses.

To perform the frayed, it takes a lot of time and patience. At first it is necessary to pull the fabric a certain number of threads going in the same direction, and it is necessary to do this accurately and in a row. The fabric in this case is better to use such of which are easily pulled thread. If the structure of tissue contains intricate weave, this fabric is not suitable for frayed.
The best fabrics are linen, batiste, linen with lavsan, silk and others like them, and of course, smooth, containing no print. Threads must also be matched to the density of the fabric. They are not only reel thread (cotton), but the floss in a few threads, linen and thread that you pulled out of the fabric. Color threads that will embroider, you can pick one that will effectively transfer pattern frayed, but better to do it's color.

 Wash items with frayed better in a special bag (if in the car), but be careful to wash your hands. Such areas with iron openwork better through the fabric, as if crushing iron, do not try to drive back and forth - you can deform the embroidery.
The frayed edges of sleeves can be finished, the bottom dress, top, in fact anything you want, depending on what style of your clothes. You turn the frayed clothes lace fantasy.