Most Creative & Beautiful Cinemagraphs

A few months back, I did a post on moving cinemagraphs, an entirely unusual yet exciting addition to the field of motion graphics. A cinemagraph provides the effects of a video within a GIF image. For those who don’t recall, Jamie Beck (Fashion Photographer) introduced cinemagraphs, in conjunction with Kevin Burg (Motion Graphics Designer).

1. My Shining Shoes

2.The Burning Lighter

3.Rain In My City

4. Open the door Honey

5. The Living Fountain

6. The Flowing Choco

7. Sea in my eyes

8. Waiting for someone

9. The burning City

10. Birds In My Heart

11. I burn Your Letters

12. Happy Birthday

13. Oh! Sweat Mama

14. Nina on the Swing

15. Investigation In Progress

16. Practicing Guittar